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Reconnect with your natural beauty and restore your energy only at Healing Light Aesthetics. Visit our Rutland, Vermont center for complete aesthetic care.

aesthetic laser treatments

Our laser services are perfectly controlled and calibrated to accentuate your natural beauty. Visit us today and rejuvenate your skin, only at Healing Light Aesthetics.

Elite iQ Laser Facial Elite iQ Laser Hair Removal SmoothLase™ TruSculpt® iD TruSculpt® Flex Microdermabrasion
Elite iQ Laser Facial

Elite iQ Laser Facial

If you struggle with rosacea, hyperpigmentation, warts, or other similar conditions, our Elite iQ™ Laser Facial treatments can help. Connect with our team at Healing Light Aesthetics today and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

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Dr. Lynn Harasty founded Healing Light Aesthetics to help women of all ages take control of their bodies and feel empowered. Our team is dedicated to providing laser treatments and general aesthetic care to the Rutland, Vermont community. If you’re ready to feel refreshed and enhance your natural beauty, we invite you to connect with us today. Reach out and let us be your beauty guide.

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Regain control over your shape and look with our comprehensive treatment options. Each service at our center is designed to help you attain the natural and beautiful look you deserve.

Tighten and Tone

Tighten and Tone

Using controlled RF energy in combination with the microneedles, Secret™ delivers heat into deeper layers of the skin to firm up tissue, remodel collagen, improve mild wrinkles, and diminish scars

Face, Neck and Chest

Face, Neck and Chest

Skin rejuvenation is important not just for your outer appearance, but for your inner well-being too. If you struggle with acne, scarring, or aging signs around your face, neck, or chest, we urge you to visit our Rutland, Vermont center today.

tempsure®  skin tightening

skin tightening

Regain the youthful tightness of your face and body with our radiofrequency rejuvenation treatments! Explore options such as TempSure Envi® and TempSure Firm® to improve the appearance of sagging skin and restore the natural radiance of your complexion. Schedule a consultation today.